Indonesia does wonders for my brain (and soul)

We’ve been a couple of days in Jakarta (actually, BSD City in Tangerang, to be precise) and already I can tell there’s a real improvement in my energy levels. It’s been so nice to meet up with family and friends again, in a great country with nice weather (even if it is the rainy season), and such a nice atmosphere all-around. I feel completely at home and at ease.

Having a great appartement, with a great view of the city, doesn’t hurt either.

We’ve been visiting several of the great malls and marketplaces (passars) they have around here, visited and got visited by a lot of our family members and friends here and had lots and lots of awesome food.

Picked out one of these guys to be my lunch, at Bandar Djakarta, yesterday.
Done, off to be prepared.
And… ready. Bon appetit!

As a consequence, my stress levels have taken a significant dive and I’m feeling better by the day. Tonight it’s Christmas Eve here and we’ll go to church and hang out with family after. Good times.