When I read my first two stories to her, my wife asked me when I would write a ‘proper story’. First question then is, of course, what constitutes as a ‘proper story’? Not these, so much was clear. These were too vague, and too constructed, according to my beloved critic.

I can see that, by the way. As I am the one who constructed them. Constructed them for story-telling. To get something across that hopefully would mean something to some. And to some it did. But to a lot I think, not so much. Including my wife.

So, just hope is not enough. I have to give it some thought. How to tell a story and not get lost in the construction. A clever construction is not a story. It’s just a skeleton. Without meat and organs nothing is being conveyed, you can see straight through it. I need to block our view, let us see, feel, smell, taste.


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