I am old enough to start reading fairy tales again

I haven’t been unsurer about anything than at this point in my life. And that is a good thing. To be unsure means that everything is open. Nothing is set in stone. So, anything can happen.

One thing I try to close myself off for though: nostalgia. I want to look down and look forward, leave what is in the past where it is supposed to be: behind me. The path I walk is what brought me here. And here right now is pretty great.

When I think where my next step could take me, I am excited. I don’t know what I will encounter, but I will be living (or dying).

And it does not have to be easy either. Well, I mean ‘easy’ in the sense that static is easy. A status quo won’t get me anywhere. Time is moving. To get somewhere I have to put one foot in front of the other. And sometimes wave my arms a bit. Bend my knees. Twirl. Jump. Bob my head.

Status Quo – Whatever You Want (Official Video Remastered)

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