Everything in life is writable about

Colin Devroe says he is blogging for himself. He quotes Jeremy Keith, who notes that the amount of time, thought or research that goes into a post is not indicative of how well it will resonate with people. Colin goes on to say that he posts with the expectation that what he wrote will only be read by a small number of people, but that several posts he would have never thought would be of any real interest to people, in actuality turned out to be quite popular.

I love that. Because I think the really interesting blog posts are not written with the intent of garnering as much readers/viewers as possible, targeting a well-defined audience, but because someone has actually something to say (to themselves) or wants something to remember or to be remembered (archived, if you will). Writing for an intended audience is just marketing. It takes the heart away.

1 thought on “Everything in life is writable about

  1. Stuart Danker

    Oh yeah, I have to agree that sometimes the posts I write under 30 mins in a drunken stupor do so much better than the ones I crack my head over for a week. Great point here. Thanks for sharing!



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