Monthly Archives: March 2021

Don’t mess with me

Begging the elephant in
the room to take a load off
Take the edge off and
blow off whoever let me
think that they can mess
with me so they feel better

Better feel me cause nothing
will let me leave that there
on the table for nothing
no one can make me
do so, so you better wake up
take up and loosen up to get up
hold up the downside for me to see

A mirage, not even

Squinting, the sun makes the desert shiver
I’m done with watching and bleeding,
Breaking stuff because I move too fast
I want to sit and be blind, deaf and
Not smell or taste everything at once

I’m tired of this fucking carousel
Speeding up, till the horses turn round,
Eyes asking: “Boss? Where we’re going?”
While I can’t see anything beyond this
Round-and-round if it would kill me


Ass parked squarely, always inviting the
World in, neither consequence nor
Obligation considered

Why breathing, still?

Two steps – backward, always, no roses
Smelled, falling before you
Get up

No sense in digging

Never there, always here – heart bleeding
To stop you should have
Started first

No hope in thin air

No point.

Turn Around

When my father smiles
When the clouds part
When his hand in mine
When a balancing act

When a dead end
When the sea roars
When our wings flap
When the sky’s high

Seagulls fly
And swoop
And rise
And twirl
They fall

The tide
And the flood
And we drown
And we fall
We fall


I just tried something else: