A day in the life

“I find out a lot about myself by sleeping. Dreams, they are who I am when I’m too tired to be me.”

― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale

Just stating a fact here: I am tired. No energy whatsoever. It probably has to do with… well, seriously? No idea, really. I mean, we go out and do stuff and I really enjoy that. But a day later, like today, staying in, trying to write some, read some, waiting for my wife to come back from work, thinking about my own work day tomorrow… just no energy, no focus.

Vacation will fix that. I hope. We have some awesome days ahead. Just being able to spend my days with my wife and the kids. On the road and at home. Okay, breathe in, breathe out. One step at a time, just staying active, staying positive.

Hey, you still there? Sorry about that, I just had to vent. Time for some energizing intermezzo before we return to our regular scheduled program then:

JINJER – Vortex

And now it is time to plant a tree. We’ve had this magnolia in a pot, but it looks like the snails got to it, in the corner of the garden where we planned to keep it. So, now I will plant it away from other trees and bushes and hope it will recover. Be right back.

Back. Tree is in, grass mowed and I am pooped. Just cooked dinner for the kids and myself and now my belly is full and I have been physically active I am actually feeling better.

In here

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Time for my medication:


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