First day of quitting – live blog

Just to keep track of my thoughts, feelings, symptoms or whatever, during this first day of me quitting, I’ll try and keep a kind of ‘live blog’ here. More updates following! (Possibly.)

21:25 CET – Evening now. Had some snacks after dinner (…) to give my body and mind something to do. The craving is still there, but I found some distraction in Mo Amer’s recent Netflix show. Very funny guy. Go watch it!

15:15 CET – Heightened craving, definitely. I am trying to distract myself with work, crackers and tea. And speaking of distraction — focus just comes and goes. This is all just coming from my own mind, so I am reminding myself that I am the one in charge there.

12:50 CET – Oof… After lunch is another one of those moments that not smoking or vaping hits me extra hard. It’s not a physical thing, just that habit, the craving for that taste and sensation. Okay, onward.

11:00 CET I am now almost halfway through the first day, and I noticed in my mind I keep on reaching for my vape pen and thinking about inhaling smoke/vaping. That feeling of putting the pen in my mouth and getting the stuff into my lungs. It’s all about the cravings, because apparently after half a day, it can’t be withdrawal symptoms anymore. And my lungs (still?) hurt a little. I had two cups of black coffee already and I’m going to leave it at that. Coffee upsets my stomach a little (which I usually don’t mind) plus the caffeine will add to that feeling of anxiety… probably, I think. Soothing camomile tea and water coming up then.


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