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I was born in 1969, in the oldest city of the Netherlands, Nijmegen, right on the border with Germany. My parents moved us to nearby Wijchen when I was about four years old. I went to high school in Nijmegen (traveling 8 km back and forth by bike every day) and to college in Tilburg (every day by train and bus).


Right, onto the more interesting bits then (okay, that’s debatable, I guess).

Even though I studied to become a librarian or rather an ‘information specialist’, as they called it, I worked all kinds of jobs all my life. Including:

  • as a librarian for several organizations; but also
  • as a systems engineer for a scientific institute;
  • as an information manager for an online news company;
  • as a project leader for an internet startup; and
  • as the head of facility services for a bank.

In 2005 I landed at the job I am currently at, as an information professional for a social housing association. I deal mostly with stuff that has to do with document and enterprise content management, in an advisory roll.


I was always interested in writing, and storytelling, but never really went for it. I did work for a storyteller at one time, and after some research I did for him, I designed a retrieval system for his big collection of stories from around the world, based on what I had learned about cultural anthropology and the construction of societies. But that was about as close as I came to telling stories and writing myself for a long time.

And then, much later, some years ago, that started to change. I met the love of my life, Nuri, who became my wife, and somehow I got more and more into this writing thing. Only poetry at first, but later on also prose pieces and journals. And Nuri encouraged me, directly and indirectly, to go for it.

And now, that is what I am doing, every chance I get. I write poems, that mostly end up here, on this site, or I share them on Twitter. I like the fact that I am in charge of publishing and controlling my own stuff, sharing it via (social) media and reaching an audience that seems genuinely interested—or at least somewhat amused—by what I am putting out there.

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