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Finding the right words

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

―Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

I am always a bit at a loss for… words, I would say, when I read a sad or depressed blog post. In real life, I would maybe sit with the guy, listen to what he has to tell me, offer some new way of looking at things, if I think that is what he is looking for.

But how to express this towards a blog post? How I can I sit silently with a blog post? “Hey dude, I know you’re sad but look at this… LIKE!” – That doesn’t seem as the right reaction when somebody just poured his guts out and now is standing there looking at the gory results before him on the pavement.

And I am okay with writing for myself. But, knowing I probably am not finding the right words to write, in reaction to what I know I don’t see the full width of, to me that borders on knowingly insulting someone.

Yes, I am overthinking. Probably. But experience has taught me that I oftentimes come across as unempathetic or worse, while I genuinely try to be a super-nice person.

In other words, I stink at this game.

Not to worry though, I intend to make many more mistakes in the time to come. My wife and kids know me and my ways, colleagues I guess have learned to deal with me. Other than that, I have no friends to lose, so onward I go!