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Turn Around

When my father smiles
When the clouds part
When his hand in mine
When a balancing act

When a dead end
When the sea roars
When our wings flap
When the sky’s high

Seagulls fly
And swoop
And rise
And twirl
They fall

The tide
And the flood
And we drown
And we fall
We fall


I just tried something else:


State of affairs

The mouth breather enters the hall
as the love burner crashes into a wall
Hold on to your crutches, feel like hell
offer no absolution to the meaning well

Fold like cloth, bend like branches
and all the while the stench is
breath-takingly obvious for those
with half a nose

So, I, am me, like me
and you
can’t see

Just tell me

The truth is not loud
It is not even true
It’s just there, to not
Even be there

Blind and mumbling
Unspeakable and
Hardly breathing

And when I hold it and
Weigh it in my hand, it
Feels heavy and cold

I can see right through
And through into everything
And nothing, beyond