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After All

And when I go outside at night, for one last cigarette. And I sit down and light up. And I look up at the stars, looking down on me. And I hear a car on the road in the distance going... home? And I hear people laughing - at some party? And I hear rustling in the bushes at the back of our garden - a neighborhood cat on the hunt maybe? And I get up, put out my cigarette and go back inside. And I lock the backdoor. And I say goodnight to my son, sitting on the couch, the screen of his phone lighting up his face - "Night, dad." And I go upstairs and I lay down next to my love, already fast asleep. And I kiss her softly on the cheek. And I rest my head on the pillow. And I think: today wasn't that bad, after all.


My flag is heavy 
A long day gone 
I lift my glass 
And toast the sun 

These words I wrote 
I didn't send 
I know your street 
And name, my friend 

For my betrayal 
I'm serving time 
No voice to speak 
No words to rhyme 

And where you are 
I'll always be 
I know this now 
It's this I see 

So when the dark 
Brings in the cold 
I remember now 
The stories told 

Blue Moon

once i turn off the tv
at night
and the silence
just hits me
i notice that it's
so soothing
the buzzing in my ears
blood pumping
pipes hissing
a faraway motorcycle growling angrily
the screaming of a train in agony
i can hear now
those hidden sounds
deep inside of me
only for me
my life
for me
and me to share

Out There

Read some stuff today.

The antidote to social media is being more social
David Heinemeier Hansson rediscovering the face-to-face and conversations after the pandemic.

Reframing it
You can bitch about a (financial) loss and the person who caused it, or you can reframe it for yourself in such a way you get a new, less negative perspective.

Why Are So Many Men Still Resistant to Reading Women?
I was immediately teed off at the title but decided to push through and read it anyway, if only to challenge myself… Yeah, no. I should have left it at that.

Nota bene: why do people insist on victimizing themselves or the group they perceive themselves to be a part of, even to the point of blindly only looking for proof of their assumptions – instead of just rightfully claiming their own existence and brilliance? ‘Kay, I think I already kind of answered my own question. Onward.

it is not fair flat
I like poetry that makes me think and Jim’s always does.