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After All

And when I go outside at night, for one last cigarette. And I sit down and light up. And I look up at the stars, looking down on me. And I hear a car on the road in the distance going... home? And I hear people laughing - at some party? And I hear rustling in the bushes at the back of our garden - a neighborhood cat on the hunt maybe? And I get up, put out my cigarette and go back inside. And I lock the backdoor. And I say goodnight to my son, sitting on the couch, the screen of his phone lighting up his face - "Night, dad." And I go upstairs and I lay down next to my love, already fast asleep. And I kiss her softly on the cheek. And I rest my head on the pillow. And I think: today wasn't that bad, after all.


My flag is heavy 
A long day gone 
I lift my glass 
And toast the sun 

These words I wrote 
I didn't send 
I know your street 
And name, my friend 

For my betrayal 
I'm serving time 
No voice to speak 
No words to rhyme 

And where you are 
I'll always be 
I know this now 
It's this I see 

So when the dark 
Brings in the cold 
I remember now 
The stories told 

Blue Moon

once i turn off the tv
at night
and the silence
just hits me
i notice that it's
so soothing
the buzzing in my ears
blood pumping
pipes hissing
a faraway motorcycle growling angrily
the screaming of a train in agony
i can hear now
those hidden sounds
deep inside of me
only for me
my life
for me
and me to share