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Rethinking my life

And in other news…

Fugazi live in Hamburg in 1999
If you have an hour and about 40 minutes to spare and like American post-hardcore, maybe check out this concert. I saw them live a few years before, in Doornroosje (Sleeping Beauty) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. What I remember: great energy, lots of old-school punks from Germany driving crappy vans full of graffiti coming to Nijmegen to see them.

Queens of the Stone Age live | Rockpalast | 2013
I think Rockpalast has the best concert registrations ever. From the seventies right up the present day.

Why you should definitely read the story collection by Izumi Suzuki, the Japanese SF legend
‘Kay, added to my list.

The IT crowd – Truest moment about tech support
Love me some IT Crowd.